The Moon is Your Key to your Inner Life- Your emotions, How you Respond.

The Moon indicates your immediate reaction; your response nature to what goes on in your Inner & Outer world. It is your intuition, that being, when you "know something" but you just can't put  into words, how or why, you know it.  When you are misunderstood, it is most likely because you have a hard time expressing through you sun sign persona what you feel. When Sun Signs and Moon Signs are not compatible or when the sun and moon have difficult or challenging aspects between them - you struggle. Now, therein lies one of life's challenges. When your moon sign and your sun sign don't speak the same language you are at a disadvantage. When the Sun just can't get across, what you are feeling - you are misunderstood. Now sometimes this is not such a big deal, then again at other times, it critical. Life is all about Relationships. The cosmic dance of intimacy that we all engage in with others and our environment is hallmark. However, the biggest and most important relationship that you have, or ever will have,  is the one you have with yourself. It is the arena where you are learning to intergrate what you feel and how you "can" express it given the sun you were born under. Get this going on the same page and you are on easy street in all your relationships. When you Master integrating effectively "your moon" and "your sun"....your interactions with others operate smoother. You are less stressed and you essential feel in sync with yourself, your world. 


ARIES - Patience  &  Consideration for Other's. Selflessness.

TAURUS - To Let Go of the Past  &  the Courage to Change.

GEMINI - To Make Emotional Commitments  &  Decisions.

CANCER - To Become Independent  &  Grown - Up.

LEO - Modesty, Tolerance  &  To take Criticism.

VIRGO - Spontaneity, Tolerance  &  Magnanimity.

LIBRA - Willingness to Engage in Conflict  &  Decisiveness.

SCORPIO - Not to Destroy  &  Push Away

SAGITTARIUS - Learn to Lose & to Depend on Others'

CAPRICORN - Showing Feelings  &  Expressing Needs.

AQUARIUS - To Adapt & to Get  Emotionally Involved.

PISCES - To Cut the Umbilical Cord  & Establish Boundaries.


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